Our goal is to take gorgeous photos of your family that will last a lifetime – the best you have ever had. To make the shoot as successful as possible please take a moment to read the following FAQS.

What does the shoot fee include?
The shoot will last as long as Stan & Jane feel it needs to. This can be anything between one and two hours, depending on how it’s going. The fee covers our time and expertise shooting, Jane’s time selecting the images to show you and then Stan’s time in making the images look fantastic. All in all this equates to around five or six hours.

Can the shoot be outside?
The shoot can be outside (at a local park perhaps) or in the studio. If your children are old enough to move around then a local outdoor spot is the best option, this allows the children to be active and the backdrop varied. The best locations are those with textures and woods, old buildings or overgrown fields, open spaces tend to be visually plain.

What if we want a studio shoot?
Studio shoots have a different feel, as the lighting is more controlled. If the weather is bad (or it is winter and the days are shorter) and/or if your child is less than 9 months then a studio visit can give the best results. Family shots can also look good in the studio in colour or black and white.

What sort of clothes/toys shall I bring?
This is really important, please bring along 2 changes of clothes. Avoid clothes which are fussy, anything with large logos, numbers or writing. On a shoot where families or children are photographed together, coordinating the clothing looks great. You could also bring along hats, sunglasses and wellies – whatever you fancy. Bring a hairbrush if your child has unruly hair. For babies bring along their favourite toys and if you have it, some music they like on CD to relax them.

How many photos are taken?
Loads! – it really depends on the opportunities available and how each child reacts.

What if the weather is bad one of us is ill?
If the weather is very bad then we are happy to shift the appointment to another date. Overcast or foggy weather is ideal, sunny is fine if a little tricky to photograph in. If your child is ill, please contact the studio as soon as possible and you can rearrange the session free of charge.

Can we have the whole family photographed?
Of course even if you want the focus to be on the child/children, a few relaxed portraits of the whole family are good to have. Make sure to wear clothes that you will be happy to be photographed in and which don’t clash too much with what the rest of the family are wearing.

How do we select the photographs we want?
That’s another fun bit! You’ll come to the studio and the photographs will be projected onto a screen so that you can see them clearly. You will probably love lots of them so please allow an hour or so for viewing. We do prefer partners to attend together as it’s impossible for one of you to make the decisions on your own. We also recommend that you don’t bring children if possible as you will find it hard to concentrate.

How can we purchase our favourite images?
We have an extensive range of framed prints, multi image frames, canvasses, handmade albums available and we also offer you the option to purchase images on USB.